Things to help game run smoother

Make shelter save screen stay paused while saving.

Remove story mission parts from the quick build menu, make quick build screen stay open till player closes. Not after 1 item built.

Inventory management (known)

Make a bed or cot buildable on rafts.

Drastically increase the loading capacity and capability. (huge areas to build on but game cant handle large structures or large numbers of supplies, even large amounts of crates eventually cause lag)

Ability to permanently delete items without having to drop in the ocean.

Ability to recycle red container peices to corrugated scrap

Building structure lock on pieces should be looked at there are issues with connecting certain pieces together.

I have many more but that’s good for now. Most of these things should be relatively easy to change. :v:

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Yes, increasing the payload will make it easier to build large structures. Especially important when you play for the second time and are looking for additional challenges. :building_construction:

New items to build only on the raft will not only make your multi-week trips easier, but also make your trips more enjoyable. :speedboat:

Permanently removing excess items would be good too. We should be able to destroy all items :bomb:. Or to process them. There is a stove, so why can’t metal engine parts be melted?

A greater variety of components for construction would also be useful. :moyai:

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Any unwanted items should be able to be placed into a campfire or the furnace to be burnt off, especially if they’re wooden items or plant based items

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