The Volleyball Companion

SO, I have been playing for awhile, and I thought of an idea, especially since Patch 6.

Volleyball Companion - it would be nice to be able to mount the companion to the Light Pole so that he can accompany me on my journey on my raft, or next to the campfire, or on top of the tower as a lookout, etc. Other than holding him, I have yet to find a way to put him somewhere useful.


i love the idea of taking Wollie with you somehow by mounting him. Personally i just put him on a cot (bed roll) in a previous save from 2 updates ago but a way to mount him so he doesnt bounce off when traveling in the ocean would be an awesome idea.

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It could even open up a whole new set of trophies:

  • Never Travel Alone - mount Wollie to a raft and head out to sea
  • Keeping Watch While You’re Away - Mount Wollie to top of Lookout Tower while you are not on Island
  • House Guest - Mount Wollie in shelter
  • Sing Along - Mount Wollie next to lit campfire at Night
  • Wanderlust - Travel to 10 different Islands with Wollie
  • On My Six - defeat all three bosses with Wollie
  • Broken Heart - Lose Wollie in a storm while out at sea at night
  • Bump, Set, Spike - Mount Wollie on the beach

The options are endless, and it wouldn’t require you to add anything additional to the game, all the components are already there. It’s more of a set of missions/extras. Or it could be a seperate mission sequece… The Wollie Chronicles.

I think it could kind of enhance the game because finding Wollie is kind of a big part of the game… at least for me. Face it, every island you encounter has a 5% chance Wollie is there (25 islands, but only you only discover 20; 3 are bosses, 1 is the carrier, and your home island would never have Wollie… so 1/20). Constantly traveling to other islands to harvest, farm, and pillage is great… then I think to myself, this time I have to go to a different island so I can find Wollie. I almost exclusively go to a different island every trip until I find him.

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I was talking about this with my chat the other day while streaming. I like to carry him around and jokingly talk to him sometimes, and it would be awesome to be able to have him out on the raft with me.