The Unity Crash Bug

How do I fix this?

I’ve tried YouTube tutorials but most of them are let’s plays beginning

Hi Bisketti,

Have some questions for you that might help us with this:

  • Can you describe the scenario in which you encounter this crash?
  • What was going on in the game at the time?
  • Were there other programs running at the same time?
  • Please provide detailed hardware specs such as RAM and GPU
  • Are you using an experimental branch on Steam?
  • Can you upload the contents of your Output log?

Output Log Locations:
C:\Users\username\AppData\LocalLow\Beam Team Games\Stranded Deep\Player.log
~/Library/Logs/Beam Team Games/Stranded Deep/Player.log
~/.config/unity3d/Beam Team Games/Stranded Deep/Player.log

No other programs were running

And it happens when trying to load up the game