The toolbelt, at minimum, should lock your tools in your inventory

Hi… I think this would be a huge QOL improvement to the game. It creates frustration for player for no apparent reason.

Since a toolbelt is used for quick access, easy in and out without ever dropping the tool to the ground. The slot should be locked and not allow the tool to be dropped by simply hitting Q. Maybe hold Q down for two seconds to drop it to the ground. When picked back up it would return to the assigned tool pouch.

When the slot is to be reassigned, the player should have to hold down the slot key for 2 seconds to unlock the pocket and then hit Q to drop the tool. Then the pocket could be reassigned.

And while I am suggesting things it would be neat if since a toolbelt is not a backpack IRL, it would be great if the toolbelt expanded your inventory. But hey, I get it. The game already lets you carry a lot.

I suspect I am not in the minority being frustrated by having to look for a tool I accidently dropped because I hit Q. This seems to have no net benefit to BeamTeam or the player and doesn’t, at face value, seem to be a hard fix.



I think the toolbelt should definitely expand the inventory. I feel like there’s no point hotkeying an item when im constantly emptying and refilling my inventory. The only thing I carry almost all the time is a spear. It’s an extremely underwhelming item as it is right now.


Crude Spears are very underwhelming, Refined Spears is where it’s at.

Items I keep hotkeyed are

Refined Knife which only gets used for skinning
Refined Axe which is my go to tool
Clay Flask
Refined Pick

I carry around 4x Refined Spears as I can kill almost anything outside of bosses and crabs with that many.

I used the Refined Axe to kill crabs large and small.

I totally support this. I just came here to look if I’m doing something wrong. It doesn’t make sense that stuff in my toolbelt still counts as if it was in the backpack. I was so happy at first when I found the toolbelt, but as it is right now, it’s almost useless to me. Yes, the hotkey is nice, but it doesn’t help me if I still need to drop my tools regularly and thus they get unassigned. It’s more annoying than helping. (Just my personal opinion of course)

Very true, the inventory should extend as you craft the toolbelt and upgrade it, otherwise upgrading is pointless… Besides, if you can carry 6 things and 4 of them are in a belt then your hands are not full, so essentially using a belt is actually reducing the amount of things you can carry…