The many, many issues I have had. Ps4/Ps5

I could search known issues for these but there are just so many and I don’t have a millenia to do it. Let me first say that I loved stranded deep, have had it on steam for years and awaited the console version eagerly. My disappointment in the mis-mash that is the console version is unlimited. So I will list everything that this game does that is destroying my love for it:

  • player two getting kicked during multiplayer multiple times.
  • De-syncing with host
  • save files not working and game crashes whilst host tries to save
  • unable to see items in containers
  • items in containers suddenly appear on top of container but still cannot be accessed
  • unable to see the same things that host can see
  • animals disappear into rocks and or ground
  • birds float mid air
  • raft disappears/ becomes invisible and player 2 cannot get on
  • desync with raft mid ocean and player lags off raft
  • raft disappeared but sails turned up embedded into island
  • items/ animals/ workstations/ crates all disappear into thin air never to be seen again, this included hosts end game orange lidded containers.
  • items accessed in storage containers in rafts by host float past player 2 whilst raft is in motion.
  • player two having all stats reset and loss of tool belt and multiple items. (this is atrocious that your update caused this situation and no fix has yet been applied.)
  • Extreme lag in game that causes death when fighting bosses.( not internet lag but game lag)

Also why the hell does the host have to exit a game to invite another player?
I know the devs are probably trying to fix these issues but seriously, you are up there with EA and Activision for selling a full cost game, (Yes I brought it on release before it was free) that has so many bugs and issues that I’m surprised the devs can even call themselves game developers. They should be ashamed, if this is what they consider a well put out game. I’m surprised the state of this game hasn’t been called out on social media yet. Please fix these issues, it was a good game once, but its a burning piece of S#%t right now.
You obviously have a fan base, so do the right thing by them and fix your crappy game. don’t hide behind your oft repeated statement, we are working on known issues, because you obviously aren’t, considering your patch created many more issues. How about being truthful and admit you just don’t care anymore. I’m so disappointed that the devs are Australian, this is not a what an Aussie would do.

Hi theloki, welcome to the forums,

I’m sorry to hear that you have experienced these issues in the game. Thank you for reporting them and for sharing your feedback. While I understand issues occuring in the game impact gameplay and can be very frustrating for players, I must ask you to please be respectful when sharing feedback. Feedback on the game, positive or negative is fine, but please be mindful to avoid accusations and assumptions about the intentions of devs and staff as this is against our forum rules.

I also understand that hearing the team are aware of issues and are working on them can become repetitive, but this is indeed the case. Unfortunately, as with all issues, some take longer to find the source of and fix than others - because each bug is unique it can also make it difficult to estimate fix times for issues. Finding and fixing issues as quickly as they can is one of the reasons the team greatly appreciates players reporting issues and sharing as much information as possible about their experience as each player plays differently and each experience can provide insight into the nature of issues and how they appear.

With regards to the issues you mentioned I have some questions and workarounds listed below…

Multiplayer disconnects and desyncs:

  • What region are you playing in?

  • Are both the host and player 2 using the same type of PlayStation?

  • If you switch hosts or regions (including a far away region), does the connection improve?

  • What NAT type is displayed in each console’s Network Settings?

  • What type of desyncs do you experience in game? Do these usually occur before a disconnect? (I understand a number are mentioned below, but if there are any others, please do let me know)

Crashes when saving

  • How established is your save? / how many in game days have you played for?

  • Do you have a lot of loose items on your island or near your shelter / bedroll?

  • How often do crashes occur?

  • Have you noticed if the crashes occur after a particular action such as traveling, crafting or building?

Unable to see items in containers

  • Players who experienced this issue after the update to version 2083 noted that it occured for the client only, is this the case in your save too? If so, please try having the host remove all items from the crate, close it, and then return the items to the crate. Other players have reported that this allowed player 2 to see the items again. If this does/doesn’t work for you, please let me know.

Items appears on top of containers

  • When this occurs, and you open the container, are the items still visible inside or is it as if they’ve been teleported out?

  • Are the containers on container shelves at the time or stacked or on their own?

  • Have you renamed any of the affected containers?

  • Does it occur with any items in particular or have you found it to be random?

Unable to see things that the host can see

  • Can you elaborate on this issue? Is this environmental, structures or items etc?

  • If this commonly occurs with anything specific during gameplay, please let me know.

Animals disappear into rocks or ground

  • It is my understanding this can occur for creatures such as snakes or crabs, but have you found it with other animals as well?

  • Do you find it more common in the central island environment or on the rocks on the beach?

Birds Float in Mid Air

  • Are the birds you’ve seen floating dead / caught or active birds that appear to be frozen?

  • Is this something both client and host see or only player 2?

Raft disappears, player 2 cannot get on

  • Does the raft disappear for the host also, or does it only disappear for player 2?

  • If the host is still able to see the raft, does it appear to them like player 2 can board the raft or does player 2 appear to be passing through it?

  • Does the raft reappear at any stage or is a reload required to player 2?

Desync with raft mid ocean and player lags off raft

  • Does this occur at the loading point between two islands?

  • Does the host experience any lag or stutter when transferring from one island to another?

  • When this occurs, is the player that falls off operating anything or are they standing on the raft?

  • Does this typically occur when leaving / arriving at your base island, or have you experienced it occur between other islands too?

Raft Disappears but sails are stuck in the island

  • Has this occurred in the most recent version?

  • Is the raft on the beach or is it teleported and sunken into the middle of the island?

  • Where was the raft located before this occurred?

  • Did this occur on reload or during regular gameplay?

Items / Objects disappearing

  • Has this occurred in the most recent version of the game?

  • Are the vanished items in crates or were they loose on the island?

Items floating past Player 2 when raft is moving

  • Please elaborate on this issue, from my understanding it sounds like Player 2 may be driving the raft and the host has opened a crate at the same time. At this point an item from the crate the host has opened appears to float past player 2. Am I understanding this correctly?

  • Does this occur at any point when sailing or is it more likely to occur at the loading point between two islands?

  • Is the item still accessed and used by the host as if it never floated away or does the host lose the item?

Inventory and Toolbelt reset

  • A fix was released for this issue to prevent it from occurring again. However, unfortunately the fix cannot restore items that have been lost if that player state was saved after the issue occured. In some situations where the wipe was not saved, it may be able to restore some previous data. Players have noted that in situations where they have no toolbelt after the update in order to recreate their toolbelt they need to craft the first toolbelt, save, reload, and craft the first toolbelt again until all toolbelt slots are unlocked again. I understand this workaround is not ideal but I hope it may be able to help you in your game.

  • If this has occurred in the most recent version for you, please let me know.

Lag when fighting bosses

  • Can you confirm for me if any boss in particular has had more lag that the others or is it much the same with each of them?

  • When this occurs, have you traveled to the boss area by raft? Please let me know what size your raft is and if there are a lot of items on it too.

  • Does the host experience the same lag or does it only affect Player 2?

Please also let me know what settings you use in your saves and if you change any details during the setup.

Again I am sorry to hear you’ve experienced these issues and understand that they can be frustrating and disheartening when they occur during gameplay or when saving. As I mentioned before any information about issues is greatly appreciated by the team and any extra information you can provide about the issues you mentioned above will be passed onto the team along with your feedback.

I acknowledge I was not the most respectful last time and I do apologise for that, but I still feel the dev’s deserve criticism for how this game is. We can’t even play now, the game freezes and crashes non stop. Respectfully fix this game. It is the worst multiplayer release I have ever seen and I played No Mans Sky with friends, at launch.
Again I was reset as 2nd player, lost all skills and items in tool belt. (happened 2 days ago so the fix didn’t work)
Here’s the answers for the multitude of questions: ( Which feels like the devs are using players to test their game.)
We play in oceania.
Ps4 host and ps5 2nd player, Host has same issues with another multiplayer where both use ps4’s.
I don’t know how to switch region its not a part of the gameplay.
Nat type 0
Desyncs include host seeing items that p2 can not see, host moving and p2 not, host seeing plants as dead or alive and p2 sees opposite. host sees water as full an p2 sees it as empty.
We have played in game (saved) 14 days but in reality well over 24 days as we can’t progress with the game not saving
All items are stored in crates which are placed in shelves to keep area clear, ( this is a carry over from lag I used to get when playing on pc, so I keep areas clear.) Apart from the pile of about 15 logs near plank station.
Crashes occurs on saves. Lags and desync occurs throughout the game. P2 gets kicked randomly whilst doing usual everyday game things, like gathering fibre or cooking etc.
Container items mostly teleport 60% out but about 30% of time they are invisible now I also get a slow load and they appear occasionally after a small lag.
If either player access’ a crate the game lags, both on land or on raft.
Yes, crate items only disappear for p2
Both on shelves, stacked and individual crates all have same issue. This issue can happen without a crash where p2 can see in crates at one point the suddenly cannot and no crash of game has occurred.
Host can see live yucca trees ( on land and in plots) p2 sees dead, host sees full water p2 sees empty, host sees snake on beach p2 sees none. host drops items for p2 and p2 can not see them.
You cannot rename containers in multiplayer as the labeller does not work in multiplayer it states this in game.??
It happens with whatever is in the container, makes no difference what it is.
Pigs disappear into the large rocks in centre of islands only to suddenly run back out further along if you chase/hunt them
active birds that are frozen. P2 can also not see birds on traps or can see them but cannot interact with them.
Raft only disappears for p2. crates and shelves and torch on stick remain but p2 goes to where raft should be and is only in the water and gets no interaction to access where raft should be.
Both host and p2 experience heavy lag, stutter and frozen game on raft, we also both see an island appear during a stutter that then disappears. Both host and p2 also see boss fight objects fall from the sky onto the ocean.
Raft is near impossible to use for both players and is ruining our game.
Yes the raft thing in island happened after last update
teleported and sunken in middle of island, p2 could raise and lower sails that were sticking out of island.
host could not see this.
yes items are still disappearing after the update and happens to both host and p2 but mainly to p2
vanished items are in crates, loose, just dropped and on ground. it happens any time any where.
item floats past p2 while driving raft is both from a opened crate and also if it is in hosts hands.
occurs at any point whilst sailing,
yes item is still with host
Inventory and tool belt happened again two days ago the game refused to save, kicked both players and upon reload p2 was again reset, lost all items and skills. not just tool belt but everything in inventory.
Luksa has most lag, we have fought it 6 times and the game has crashed every time. All bosses had lag, especially with raft near area. we kept raft further back but lag and crashes happened. P2 gets kicked during fight. Luksa teleported away from area and glitched out / froze. took no damage then suddenly reset and moved extremely fast, reset its health and one shot both players.
Raft is 3 across by 5 long. Raft has 7 sets of shelves and all have crates only 3 crates are full.
raft lag is experienced by both.
Honestly I don’t want to keep playing this game now, Its that bad. we have lost progress so many times. For example, in a 4 hour game session we will crash about 15 times. Like I said we can’t finish the last boss as it will not save. We spend hours just trying to use the raft. Sails only no motor. It takes us about 40 minutes to go past 3 islands. The shuddering and lag can turn the raft sideways making steering impossible. We just want to play this game, together, but can’t. I honestly am so fed up I don’t care if I finish it or not now. I am so disappointed as I recommended this game to my friend and we both paid full price for it. Updates are few and far between and the last one destroyed my game. I am now just praying raft comes to console so we can play that instead. Please, please fix this game…

I am also going to lodge a complaint with Sony over this. Maybe the ACCC as well as this product does not deliver what I paid for. The state of this game almost makes me want to cry.

Hi theloki,

Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions and share the details of your experiences with these issues as well as your gameplay setup, I shall pass this onto the team and add the information to the relevant bug reports for them.

With regards to regions in multiplayer, when creating a multiplayer save there is an option to choose the region in which the save is hosted. This is most commonly set to “Auto” but you can select a different region to see if that helps with connections.

NAT types are typically listed as 1, 2 or 3 / Open, Moderate or Strict. Is what you listed a typo or is a 0 displayed on your system? I have personally never encountered a 0 type but will let the team know if this is the case.

You are correct that the label maker does not function in Multiplayer, my apologies, I asked that question in error.

Once again I am sorry to hear these issues have impacted your gameplay and appreciate you providing extra details about your experience along with your feedback on your gameplay experience in general and will pass this onto the team also.