The game is having unstable frames

Alright, the game in console should work at 30 frames right , the problem is the game is very laggy sometimes the frames get down to 5 frames/sec and I didn’t do anything at all , i recommend to make a stable frames before ANYTHING

Hi Ahmadm48,

Though the team continue to work on improving the game with each update (some of these improvements may be in patches but not listed in the notes) we know that there can be a build up in lag / drop in frame rates particularly around large amounts of gathered items. If you are on an island where there as large piles of items gathered together, try placing them in crates, this should help reduce the lag.

If this is not the case, knowing more details about your save, where you were when it occurred and what was happening in game can help us to narrow down other potential causes and maybe even provide alternate workarounds if they are available.

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