The Business Trip to Sync World

Scientists estimate the missing passengers may appear in a 100 years or more…

Ooh I luv trips to Sync World! It’s the newest hip trendy loca to take your vaca! Whether you just had quintuplets, won your third noble prize, or just won the superbowl with no hands… forget about Disney world! “I’M GOING TO Sync World!”

*this endorsement of Sync World has not been paid for by Sync World Inc, it’s subsidiaries, nor any of its constituencies

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Hi TheVigilantWolf,

I’m sorry to hear this issue is affecting your world. We’re gathering some information on this and I’ve seen a few different reports on where the syncing hangs. Can you confirm for that yours is hanging at 1%? Or does it get any higher? And were you joining or hosting a world?

Hi TheVigilantWolf,

We have some suggestions over on the Bug reports forum
Let us know if that is any help.