Thank you Clare, mods and devs

Just wanted to reach out to “The team”, especially Clare who has been very prompt in responding to the posts of issues with the new update.
As a gamer we sometimes forget or simply dont know how frustrating it can be for “The team” to deal with new issues and come up with a fix after an update.

So for all your hard work and effort,
Thank you!


Thank you for that lovely message Nghtrdr, both myself and the console team greatly appreciate the patience and understanding of the community while we work to resolve the issues reported by yourself and other players.

Any information from the players side can be hugely valuable in our investigations and it’s great to see not only members of the community sharing their experiences with us but also helping each other our and sharing tips or workarounds if they have them.

Thanks again for your message, I will pass it onto the team too! :smiley:


Agreed, thank you for giving the players a voice to connect with the devs to make our game better and to everyone’s expectations.
While I don’t know everything that goes into making and fixing games, I have a good idea of the work.
Y’all are doing great on listening to us and not cutting us out of the loop :slight_smile:


Another vote here :+1::+1: