Tarps still missing

Ok so on Xbox One, a small issue. The tarps in the cartographers list is now missing since the last update. 2 days of creating and breaking down the water collector as well as the smoker, just to drag them from island to island. I did however have 2 on my main island and 2 off to the side. So I’m not without but can you see what happened? I’ve had my son check it out as well, all updated and the night vision is back to where I can see by the moonlight but again, thank you for that. Instead of tarps in the cartographer, it says cloth. So with that being said I didn’t add them in my island creations. Maybe I should see if that’s what the tarps are under? Or is it really the cloth that appears?

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Tarps have been fully replaced by cloth in crafting. It’s part of the updates.

Tarps being missing is intended, as they no longer have any use in the game.

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Hi GranniGamer - welcome to the forums!

As Shokujin mentioned above, Tarps were replaced with Cloth in the update to version 2009. However there was an issue with the replacement so some objects were still refunding them and they still appeared in the cartographer. However all Tarps in the game were no longer usable and their texture was missing (so they showed up as black) and Tarp was replaced by Cloth for all crafting recipes.

After the update to version 2033, Tarps are no longer in the cartographer and objects broken down should now refund Cloth instead of Tarp. Any Tarp that was already generated in a world that existed before the update to version 2009 will possibly still be there, but there is now no use for them.

I hope that helps - If you have any other questions about this, please let me know :slight_smile: