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Hello, I’m a Chinese switch player. I like this game very much. In China, many players also like this game. But there is no Chinese language pack, which makes many players afraid. I hope the author can support the Chinese language. We will always support this classic game.


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I am the Steam version-Strandeddeep-Chinese Sinicization Group
I also want to connect with the official,
It is a pity that the official contact is not available!!!

Hi Yang, welcome to the forums,

Thank you for your message and support, I’m glad you enjoy playing Stranded Deep. I will pass this request for localisation to Chinese Language onto the Switch dev team.

Thank you again.

Hi Chinese.language,

I added a translation to your message. In future, please remember to include a translation if posting in another language as per our Rules and Guidelines - Stranded Deep

Please also avoid posting off topic. The original poster is requesting localisation changes for the Switch version of the game, and your post is about a server on the PC version. You have also already created your own topic about this recently, please also avoid repetative posts across the forums.

Thank you.

OK, got it!!!