[Switch] Cargo ships gone?

Hello i just recently bought the game for switch i usually play on ps4(console) and after spending some time island hopping couldnt find a single cargo ship so i went into cartography and its not an option to even spawn on an island?

Have cargo ships been removed from the switch?
They are the best shipwrecks to find so seeing if this is a bug?

Is there any mods or admins actually active?

Hi Pridesharkey,

Sorry for the delay in responding to your post. I don’t work with the Switch version directly, but I’ve passed your question onto the team to confirm if this is intentional or if it is an bug in the game.

However please bear with me as a large portion of the team are off from 25th Dec to 4th of Jan for the holidays so there may a delay in responses from the team.

Thank you.

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Hello just seeing if there is any update

Hi Pridesharky,

I have not heard back from the team regarding this query. I shall resend it and see if I can get a response soon.

I am sorry for the delay and thank you for prompting me to follow up on it.

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Still waiting for an answer.
Sorry clare i understand that its not ur fault they take so long to respond

Hi Pridesharky,

I’m sorry this took so long. I got confirmation from a team member that worked on the Switch version that the Cargo ships were indeed removed as they were too heavy for the Switch version.

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That’s sad for Switch players.
The devs might need to re-balance the other ship wrecks on the Switch version to compensate for the loss of the cargo ships and all the awesome loot that could spawn on/inside them.
At least raise the percentages of loot spawning on the other ships so there’s higher chances of finding storage crates and raft building materials.

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Which update removed cargo ships from the switch?

@Pridesharky are you using the digital or physical copy of the game?

Sorry, to clarify I don’t believe this was an update that removed them, but rather they were not included in the Switch version of the game. ie: removed when porting the game to the Switch.

I’ve had some switch players tell me they have cargo ships in their game. Waiting for evidence

No problem Lothaer, I’ve also requested extra info from the team member I was speaking to, to see if I can get some further clarification on the matter.

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