*[Switch][1.03.703][Reloading] How do I reload my saved switch slots?*

I saved my game yesterday and exited the game, I cannot figure out how to reload. I can start a new game. When I go to save slots it lets me load the file but not the game so I can play. Yesterday was my first time playing. I’ve searched options and whatnot to see if there is a specific place to open a saved slot.


I do believe I left all my settings alone. I changed the character to a female.

Have you tried checking if it’s on the same save file

I went to the save slots and selected it it to load it in. I can’t enter it as I don’t know how or just can’t. Does that make sense?

You play on normal, lite, or OLED switch?

I play on OLED switch

OK, so I started a new game and played a smidge farther than my first one, and it allows me to continue it when I load the save slot. It’s my first game it won’t give me the option to continue which is odd haha

Hi Kalig,

Thank you for reporting this. I see from your comments you’ve started a new save and have been able to load it successfully. If the issue occurs for you again (which hopefully it does not and it was a one time thing) please let me know and I’ll do my best to assist.

Thank you again.