Super Sneaky Snakes

So, I encountered something interesting for the first time today. I was watering and harvesting my farm, medium size I would say, consisting of 15 plots arranged as tightly together as possible in 3 rows. I heard hissing near the center of the plots, so I kept backing up and approaching from different angles trying to find the snake. I was down to the last few and had to get closer to collect the last bit of Fibrous Leaves, when sure enough I was bitten and poisoned by a snake that had made his way underneath the plots and was not visible from any angle I could find. He chased me out of the farm (a feature I find to be quite genius), and curled up a short distance away. I am a big fan of how they roam around the islands and can sometimes infiltrate the player’s camp, very realistic and keeps you on your toes. Luckily, I am well stocked on antidote. :slight_smile: Also, on a related note, snakes can strike and poison you while flying a gyrocopter if you fly too close to the ground. I was messing around trying to ram a hog (as payback for all the rammings I have received) and got poisoned instead. Lol. Well played, sneaky snakes.

Happy hunting, fellow survivors!


Are you on Xbox or PS? I’m asking because I’m on Xbox and the snakes don’t do any harm to me. I can stomp around on them all day long without worry. They strike at me, just never inflict any damage/poison. My wildlife settings are default so I don’t get it. As for them hiding, mine like to hide under the rocks also. They have also picked up the annoying habit of hiding in the shallow water, something they must have got from that one Darwinian piglet that has apparently developed gills.

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I’m on the Xbox Series X, used to play on the Xbox One S before the co-op update a few months back. That’s very strange they don’t damage you, I can’t even get within a few feet without being poisoned. I’ve always played on mostly default settings as well, except for making it hard difficulty and permadeath. Never tried passive. I’ve had some rogue animals venture into the shallows here and there as well, but usually if I go to another island and come back they will respawn in their usual places.