Suggestions to make the game more interesting

While i enjoy this game, it tends to get “slow” after a while because i’ve been around since the earlier development stages.

Human AI(s) : Traders, pirates, neutrals.
You’ve got ALL this space, all these ships, all these wrecks…but no humans, not even bones. Traders could help you along. Pirates could raid or come against you on the seas. Neutrals could be those you could exist around just to have a safe area.

Guns: More than air.
While this game gets more interesting the more things you build, again, it gets slow. To be able to shark hunt or defend yourself could make things more interesting. Repair old cannons to fight pirates. Have trip-wires with traps.

Option to keep surviving:
While getting out is cool, there is a lot out there and i would like to build, thrive, and survive.

It just seems like this game could do so much more but it’s somewhat stagnent. I got someone to play this game with me and, after 4-5 hours, they were like “is this all it is?” and i admit, i had to agree with them.

There is another game, called “Landless”, where they put those ideas in motion but their development team just up and walked away eventually.

It is unlikely that the developers will add new NPCs, since they adhere to the atmosphere of the movie “cast away”, and there the main character was one