Suggestions list

Hello, let me start by saying love the game and i hope the single player mode is fixed soon so i vsn use the label maker again (was much better when we were able to label crated).

A list of possible games functions to be added

  • Label maker use in Online play (seems a simple language filter or limiting labels to only the ones creators have listed would he simplest solution).

  • island creation options

  1. Bringing back the options of placing shipwrecks, cliffs, etc, at different angle in same location.
  2. Movement of crafted items such as water still, smoker, etc
  3. More customization of islands such as topography, water holes, caves,
  4. Allowing more items on created islands, as of right now a created island is very bare with lots of room left empty
  5. Ability to share custom islands within the community
  • Increasing range of a player to cooking to impove the stat, right now you need to be very close so you can’t do any work while trying to get max cooking

  • hanging lanters on items such as sails or crate shelves on boats

  • ability to place Canopy over crate shelves

  • ability to craft walls, floors, and roofs on boats to make house boats for travel


Some great ideas, a few I haven’t heard. Not sure if you are aware, but you are able to place the one kind of hooks (not wall hooks but the ones that stand up tall) on rafts and attach a lantern to that. Love the idea of houseboats eventually. I’m still having trouble using a sleeping bag on a raft, so I have yet to get the 10 days out to sea achievement, but maybe I just don’t have quite a large enough open space. I remember it used to work when I played before in single player, but haven’t gotten it to work in multiplayer so a houseboat with shelter would definitely help. Also, I’m able to still level up cooking at a distance of at least I would say 30-40 meters (estimation) because I’ve had it level up while working on the far side of my farm. Maybe just lucky. Definitely label maker would be very handy as well. And at least they did make it where you get 100% of materials back if your harvesting and crafting are maxed, so that helps with moving things late game.

How about a hang-glider? Seems like a legitimately rustic bushcraft-able thing. Not terribly useful but wouldn’t it be cool to be able to launch off the highest cliff or the tallest pole on a sunken ship and float around your island!?

100% echo on being able to put building materials on boats. I want my collection barge to be more than just corridors of crates - I want it to be a true houseboat!

Fences? Let me make a perimeter around my base at half the cost of walls to keep those stray respawns OUT.

I’d love to have another source of fresh water in addition to the still. Maybe clay pots to boil water & make it potable? Or a fresh water source inland on large islands?

I have a bunch of useless cosmetic building options… how about some equally useless cosmetic CLOTHING options? I’d be rocking shark-skin digs head to toe.

Oooh here’s a good one I think everyone could get behind - As a perk for having the Harvesting skill maxed out: Automatically collect harvested materials (pending room in inventory, of course). No more wasted clay falling under coral or off underwater cliffs. Hours and hours of pickup up fibrous leaves that I could spend hunting sharks instead.

Something to improve underwater vision and/or night vision. We already have Wavulavula plants… maybe mixing them up in a coconut flask would let me see twice as far underwater & in the dark.

Ladders. I know we can make ramps and stairs, but I’d love to take a ladder with me to access cliffs on early game exploratory trips to islands with cliffs.

Some kind of warning/notification when tools are about to break. I hear alarm clocks when my food is done cooking and I’m half a mile away on the other side of the island… I’d much rather have an alarm ding when my Refined Axe is about to go p00f*. (*side note to our lovely forum mod, why is “p o o f” a bad word here?)

If we could craft corrugated metal into a sort of shovel tool, maybe we could dig up some precious stones! I don’t actually mean precious stones like emeralds & rubies… I mean stones like rocks. They’re precious.

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