Suggestions for new Trophies

I thought of a few suggestions for potential trophies if you’re able to add new ones.

  • EASTER EGG [Bronze/Silver]
    Find an egg during (in-game) the month of April

Depending on when in the year your were stranded would depend on the relative easiness of you getting this trophy.

  • OH NO,NOT AGAIN! [Silver/Gold]
    Get yourself poisoned by every venomous creature in the game (and cure yourself).

  • CLUMSY [Bronze]
    Break your leg more than 5 times in a single play through.

    Drown whilst hunting fish or Monster Beasts

Plz I have the platinum trophy I don’t want to lose it :frowning:

I’m happy with the Achievements/Trophies that we have now. The only one’s I wouldn’t mind is the bottom (3), since those don’t seem too difficult. However, the Easter Egg one is a little too much imo, as players would have to wait an entire year to unlock it if they weren’t able to find it.

With that said, I’m more than happy with all of the Achievements/Trophies that are currently in the game as of right now. However, if I had to pick any of the ones you listed in your post, it would definitely be NO to the first one and Maybe/Yes to the bottom (3).

Hi Slytherinshare,

Thank you for the suggestions - just a heads up that I’ve moved your post to the Suggestions section :slight_smile:

I think I’d have gotten the “Oh no” trophy ten times over by now. For whatever reason, I’m a poison magnet in the game.

Lionfish seem to like swimming right under me a lot.

And of course, I somehow forget that urchins poison you in the game as well. Not sure if they’re still in the game, since I haven’t seen one since the 2009 update.

And then there was the time I stood on a purple star and jumped up and down repeatedly to see what would happen, after finding out about a patched bug that involved stacking conditions of detrimental effect. I can thankfully confirm that there is no stacking poison condition on PS4 because of that incident.


I went harvesting clay and found not just a King of Thorns starfish (Purple Starfish) but also two sea anemone hiding within the seaweed.

Very sneaky of their generation to be near a clay deposit.

Considering the time of year is generated randomly when you first crash land, it would only be difficult or unfortunate if you were to crash land in May.

My current game crash landed in December.

That is an unfortunate situation.

I had to retrieve a material that fell in the water once and it landed right near an urchin.