Suggestion toolbelt

Hi, little suggestion here (im on PS4)
It would be easy if we could set an item on the toolbelt that we currently have in our hands. Currently we cannot have the item in our hands if we want to add it to the toolbelt. I often open the toolbelt menu to assign an axe to it to then have to reclose and pick an other item first before being able to select it.

Currently, you can also select items in the environment near you to add to the tool belt. I’ve had to do that a few times due to full inventory.

I usually keep kindling, a torch, a speargun, and a binoculars as my toolbelt gear because none of those items lose durability over time with use.

Thank you for that suggestion Vanloock

Just letting you know that I moved your post from General to Suggestions so it doesn’t get lost :slight_smile: