[SUGGESTION] New Trophy/Achievement

An idea for a new Troph/ Achievement

Living Dangerously.

Survive for three days while posioned.

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I like this idea, my only thing is i think Sony has weird rules reguarding adding Achievements. Like in order to add achievements after release it has to be part of DLC or a significant Themed Update.

To Whit

How about a Stranded Deep: Survivalist Update with new dangers like

  • Halucenagenic/Poisonous frogs.
  • Water now needs to be filtered, drinking unfiltered water has a chance of causing ill effects like Diahrea, or Parisitic Infection that causes food to be less effective and a chance to throwup when eating.
  • Sunburn Status that unlike Sunstroke stays on you after getting in shade/nightfall. Lasts days, must apply Aloe to Sooth symptoms periodically untill Sunburn Heals.

Then we could have multipls trophies for surviving these various Hazards.