[SUGGESTION] More Weather Types

I’d like to see SEA FOG added to the game.

You’re out at sea and suddenly a thick fog rolls in blocking out the locations of distant islands making it difficult to navigate.

Hey hey let’s not do that seeing how lanterns are so hard to come by. You’d never find your way back.

Your options would be to drop anchor and wait for it to clear up or try your luck with a compass lol

Lol I can’t see my compass at night. That’s why I try not to travel at night.

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I have two lanterns attached to my raft

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Must be nice. I’m on day 105 and haven’t found one yet.

I have a bunch of torches I’m not using and it would be great to be able to mount them to my raft and connect them to a vehicle electrical part so if you turn on one you turn them all on.

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Or use them for headlights on your raft. I have several of the torches “flashlights”

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Yeah that’s what I meant.

I’m on day 128 or something I think, yesterday (real time) I finished putting a camp fire and water still on every single island.

While doing this is checked every single wreck I could find and as a result I now have 36 containers in shelves on my home island and 12 containers in shelves on my raft.

I only have 3 or 4 lanterns now though.

What you can do when you find a container (crate or cupboard on a sunken ship), save before opening it. If it’s got stuff you don’t want in it, exit to main menu then click continue when you load back in the items in the container will have changed…maybe, just don’t pick it up or empty it.

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I’ll have to try that. I have gotten into the habit after I sleep I instantly save my game. Been down that road where I’d forget to save then finding something good and die from a shark or something else stupid just not paying attention.

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Solve the shark attacks by switching to passive lol

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What! I’ll have to figure that one out lol

While you in game, hit PAUSE then go to GAMEPLAY, go down to WILDLIFE then press SQUARE to set to Default (attack) Passive (don’t attack) or REMOVED.

I play on passive unless I want to hunt a shark.

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Omg thank you so much. I’ll definitely be doing this when I hope on later today.