It would be great to be able to either…

  1. View the cartographer map in game (not be able to edit custom maps though).

  2. When you start out you have a blank map and as you “discover” new islands they get added to the map as if you were drawing it during your travels.

2a) Would also be great if you could record things about each island such as the various types of flora and fauna and other resources.


I do this now but on a piece of paper lol



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Spreadsheet on my tablet


U guys r smart but I just remember them and finish the game without looking at it again cus I got Platinum trophy I did alot to get it

@IggySoda lol that’s awesome. Might have to steal that one from ya.

Yes I sooo wish there was an in-game map to access on the fly. Editable would be nice too so you can log what is on each island. The current cartographer map is terrible. Why is it only accessible when exiting the game and why is north facing northeast ?? !! LOL
Here is mine that I track using Pages on my Mac. ( I have a hand drawn one too while playing ).

I’ve made this map using the Cartographer image (took pic with my phone then imported into Pages) then edited in Pages, adding lines, circles for islands, etc. Simplified and easy to print and use while playing, taking notes.