Suggestion for Quality of Life in game

Suggestion for Quality of Life :
(1) Able to place piles of materials on housing foundation base or floor (done)
(2) Able to place structures like smoker etc on housing foundation base and floors (done)
(3) Able to move furniture (bed, table and chair) as like as placing crafted items or sturctures which we can choose where to place instead of drag them to move (hard for us to place them stablely)
(4) Able to place hook and shelves on half walls.
(5) Add more action in game like can sit on chair and ground, lay on bed and ground.
(6) Add leaves clothing and leather clothing that we can make them by using loom.
(7) We can wear or remove cap in game.
(8) Is it possible that let we can see our character (3rd person view) wearing tool belt in game. Because i noticed there are relative 2D icons and hope it can be shown in game too.

I know develop team may not going to do much for the game since now but still try to suggest them after playing it for a period of time.


Would really love to remove silly shark and beanie hats…

For me, Passive Sharks. Leave everything else aggressive.

Some changes to Custom Islands, “Light” Edits to ground. I don’t expect consoles to get PC level of edits. But being able to place a Pond, or lower land, or flatten spots. Like lets say you get 10 land edits.
I would love to have Island be 2 islands. Pond or River going thru Middle.

Another odd one, Sails.
Have basic one we have now, But allow us to upgrade to Triangle Style one. (abit Larger) for 5-10% speed boost, or Just visual. (I’m 100% fine with Visual)

Trash Can, To delete items… Maybe a Barrel + Water + Fish. You make a “Fish Tank” that eats your items you toss in.
(beats replacing island full of trash with custom one)
I don’t think dropping stuff in Abyss works… (From what i know about how games handle that, they get sent to a cell, which holds that stuff…) Not sure if Devs ever Confirmed if Abyss was a solid way of doing that.

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