I think it would be cool to very occasionally see a plane fly overhead and if you signal it with a flare gun it drops a care package for you to retrieve.

I play the PC version on Epic. And I also thought it might be interesting to sometimes be able to spot a plane.

But in contrast to you, I though it would enhance the “stranded deep”-feeling if it is just a huge passenger plane at an intercontinental flight, extremely high up in the sky, with a condensation trail. I thought it would be great, if such a plane comes and then you will desperately fire up your flares and try make them aware of you … but of course you have not a chance, as they are faaaaar to high above you and won’t notice any flares. And this makes you really feel lonely.

I always wanted to post this suggestion in the forum, but then one day I realized something, why this doesn’t work …

Warning! Spoiler here!

Guess what happend one single particular night, when I was looking up at a large rock formation at an island …

... this happend: ...

… a plane came by, right over the rock, high up in the sky. Just a tiny little black plane shape between the stars and the clouds. Maybe just 10 or 20 pixel in size on my 1920 full HD screen.

And of course, I desperately fired a lot of flares. And of course the plane didn’t take any notice of me. I even knew it would not take any notice of my flares. But still I tried anyway.

The plane just disappeared in the distance. And when the last flare extinguished, I stayed lonely on my island, alone in the dark. and I felt even lonelier than before. And this was my only plane in my play time of 315 ingame days.

And so I realized that the idea doesn’t work … because the very clever game makers have already implemented this idea more or less exactly as I imagined it, in a very great way. :+1:

Basically the only difference to my imagination was, that it happend in a night and not at a day, and that there was no condensation trail.

Noticing the survivor is connected with the start of the rescue operation … But if the care package was dropped, it could contain a GPS.