[SUGGESTION] Boss Rewards

When you beat each of the three bosses it would be nice to unlock the things they’re guarding.

Beat the Megaladon you can skin the whale carcass for lots of meat, rawhide and other materials.

Beat Lusca the Great and rewards appear on the Bouy.

Beat The Great Ababia and you can explore the wreck he had made his home for more chests and other items.

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I’ve not beaten the bosses myself but from watching videos online i find it odd that its the act of killing the boss that grants crafting recipie for end game required items and boss trophy.

What i’d like to see is the addition of a “Tow Line/Wench” Attachment for Rafts that you can use to attach to large objects and tow them to shore and between islands.

Then when you defeat a boss you could use the “Tow Line” to tow the boss carcass to your home islands shore and “Loot/Harvest” it. Boss carcasses would have a “broken” version of the item they currently grant you the crafting recipie for “in their stomach?” and looting that is what grants the recipie.

The carcass could also have uniqe materials used to craft their Trophy and maybe a uniqe item that grants special effect of some sort.

For Example:

From the Megalodon you could loot Megalodon Teeth that you use to craft a Megalodon tooth Necklace. Once crafted Sharks are less agressive and may avoid you.

And once you’ve looted the uniqe crafting materials the carcasses would have a large supply of rawhide and/or meat.

Then of course you could Tow the Whale Carcass to shore and loot it.

Loot the Bouy and get a radio beacon off it that lets you call for a supply drop every 7 or so days on whatever island you place it.

Loot the submarine for uniqe items. Like a rusted Machete that doesnt break when its durability hits 0 it just stops working but you can “sharpen” it restoring its durability. (Would have to add some kind of sharpening tool also.)

Anyway all that is to say Yes i totally like your suggestion!

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