[Suggestion] backpack/ cargo container storage

It would be nice to see a way to upgrade the carry capacity in the backpack and cargo crates. I mean only holding 4 sticks etc. Per slot is really frustrating. With a full backpack u can only make 9 floor foundation pieces and only 3 with a full cargo crate. Say u can upgrade your backpack after crafting level is maxed out. All those animal hyde’s would make a lovely backpack. Say u have 10 cargo container boxes planks and lashings to make a storage box that can be built onto your boat or foundations. It would be stationary and say you can hold 24-48 of each item with 5 slots. I have over 400 cargo crates and it would be awesome to have a way to combine them somehow.

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On PC crates have been increased to 5 slots. Inventory has been increased by (i think) 2 slots, and many items had their stack size increased from 4 to 8.

I assume that at some point theese changes will make their way to console as well.


It’s better on PC. The backpack has 10 places. Plus what you have in your hand.

Increasing the space in the chests from 3 to 5 made the game much easier. Added the ability to combine fish and meat of 8. Additionally, you can make stacks of 50 (wood, ropes, stones …), but cannot be placed on the raft. :worried:

If there were special chests, more capacious, to be built not only on a raft … :slightly_smiling_face:

I think it would be great to be able to tie things behind your raft to toe them back home


Net for items and long rope.