Stuck in infinite deth loop

Has anyone else experienced this infinite death loop finally started getting everything going on my new island started bleeding didn’t realize my HP was so low went to save right after I saved died now I’m stuck can’t do anything……
Series X

Yeah you shouldn’t have saved that close to death.
You should’ve just died then continued from your last save.
Unfortunately there is nothing that can be done, you’re going to have to start a new game.

On PC you can change (cheat) it here:

I noticed this too. When I died I had no options at all. I just sat there watching my character being dead. I couldn’t bring up the menu or anything. I had a partner on another island, but they couldn’t get to me with a bandaid because I had the only raft. Only option was to force-close the game and then reload an earlier save.

They could’ve swam out to you?