Strended deep Go Mobile

Hope Strended Deep Dev Can Make Mobile Version… I’m Really Happy If Can Play Strended Deep at Mobile

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I can see how this would come across the devs as a gut punch, but I assure you that isn’t the case. With respect to the devs and what they have achieved within Stranded Deep, I truly think it would be best if it went to mobile fully.
The details in SD, game play, and textures would be great on mobile, compared to console and pc.
The only problem I could see, is if they decided to actually add coop. Then they would almost have a choice to make, because I haven’t seen very many rpg, fantasy, builder games with coop being turned on/off. If it’s solo play, then it can be offline, that way, you aren’t connection speed while fighting, swimming, or building.
I know I’ve gone far with this more than what most ppl would want to, but I really want to see this game prosper and succeed better