Stranded Deeper

So looks like the Dev’s have said this game is now “complete” Does that mean they are starting to work on “Stranded Deeper”? Are we getting a sequel? Is there any word about another game? Just curious.

We can hope, but highly highly doubt it :frowning:

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As mentioned in the post, it just means they’ll be focusing on qol and bug fixes instead of new features. No mention of a new/sequel game (that’s a good thing)

This would be a great title for the next-gen version. It’ll be bigger, smoother, better than ever and more items added.

Stranded Deep: The Stranded Deeper Version coming to Xbox Series S/X and PS5

It sounds corny, but I’d understand.


Due to the bugfest on PS4 i stopped playing, but still love the game. at the moment playing quite a lot of Green Hell…
I would love to see a love-child of these 2 games… both have their own plus points in the game and combined it would make a hell of a game. for instance, i like the eat/drink/sanity gameplay of Green Hell, but love the setting and surroundings of Stranded Deep more.
Make it a game in a Caribbean, but more south American setting… bigger (and maybe less) islands, harder to get from one to another… more exploration of the islands and the eat and drink system from Green Hell aswell as the ratio of enemies, so not only animals, but island Indians as well…

Would pay definitely for a game like that.

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I like this idea. Especially, being the next chapter of the game. I would add why not have multiple locations to choose from; tropical, desert, forest and frozen sceneries. The title “stranded deep” doesn’t have to always be water only. It could imply being stranded really severely in general. Of course, you can choose between the locations where to start, but keep it randomized (or custom) with better items suited for where you are stranded. Setting each difficulty would add even worse situations. If on easy in the icy location, it won’t be severe weather. If on the hardest, you’ll have to survive through blizzards, colder climates and hungrier animals…etc. I’d like to see a local co-op option too. Most importantly, silky smooth performance.

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