Stranded deep save issue

Just a heart felt thank you for the hard work and I say you all deserve a day off. I was shocked and pleased by how fast the save crash issue was fixed


@donnyp07 what platform you playing on bud ?

Wait… Fixed??? I just played for about 6 hours and saved probably a dozen or two times but I actually just blue screened during save for the first time. PS4 online solo private. Loading save file now… It worked yay, I lost an entire in-game day worth of gathering from another island but whatever, it’s the theme of the game I guess

Just blue screened again while trying to save at the same tent, only tent I have ever made :joy:
Loaded back in but missing a container from my container shelf on my raft :frowning: at least it was empty tho and I still got the clay from the gathering only lost the time I spent unloading and making bricks so a few mins :laughing::joy: still sad tho oh

Day 73 solo private online ps4