Stranded Deep nothing loads into my world


Ive just started playing on Xbox One, my mate created a world without any issues and was great. I tried to host my own online world with my mate, load in and get to the island all fine, however nothing loads in my map, no ships, no loot, nothing. Re-installed twice, system shutdown the xbox and nothing works, but when I go into my mates online world he has this red container on the main island, a shipwreck and another little platform, none which load into my world. So I either explore the world in the slow silly yellow safetyraft or I can only play this game on my mates world which means I can only play the game with someone else.
How do I fix this issue as wont buy the game fully if it doesnt run for me on gamepass.

Hi Kil3rH1ml3r, Welcom to the forums,

I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing this issue.

Please let me know:

  • What seed you are playing on? (this number is in the bottom on the cartographer when you have the relevant save slot selected)
  • If you change this number to match your friends, or if you input this number in a second save slot and start a new world, so you see similar items appear? (warning: If you change the number of a slot with an active save, it’ll reset that slot, so you may wish to test it on another unused slot first)
  • The ships and items around islands are random and their spawning can be based in part on the seeds used. Can you confirm for me if you have trees, loose sticks and rocks and other plants spawining on your island or are all of these missing aswell?

Any additional information you can give me about your setup, seed used and confirming what you do and don’t see on the island would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Thankyou for getting back to me so quick!

So, main screen the code is ‘2104’ regarding latest update.
My seed is #1691962, my mate is not currently online so will have to wait to see what his seed is.

I do have sticks, stones, leaves, fish and crabs etc that works fine. Can destroy, build and save also fine. Everything loads, moves and plays smoothly as expected but I am not sure how I could have changed my seed without knowing?

Im hoping it is my seed however my mates world had things loading for him however not for me.
Please wait till I have replied back with the confirmation of my mates seed and can compare.

Also, im not running on the newest Xbox One, im still on the Xbox One S is this an issue as I know few companys and games have made little changes to how games run on older consoles.


Amazing news, its different seed. His started new world as that spawn handed everything to you at the very beggining not much fun. Had me worried as loved the first 2 days I played it so can happily jump back on and play it without issue.

Thankyou again for all the support and if I need anything I know I will get the best help and support.

Anazing guys!!

Ah that’s great news! Thank you for following up and letting me know.

Also, just in regards to your Question regarding the game, the game is designed for the XB1 and the PS4, no updates have been made to upgrade to the latest console generation it or change it for the PS4/XB1 console generation.

If you come across anything else you wish to report, please do not hestiate to let me know and I’ll help in any way I can.

All the best - and happy playing!