Stranded deep improvements

Is there anyway you can add sea fort back into the world I don’t know made you take them out but I feel like it would make the game a bit more fun in the creative aspect and if possible add it to the creating island menu so we can place them on custom islands maybe? And lastly is there any possible way you can let us have the ability to move the cliffs and or trees around the island instead of them placing them at random on Xbox platforms I feel like Xbox version lacks a lot that other platforms out perform in just and idea thrown out would love to hear back

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I rather have forts themselves like in the pc version. Watching videos they look good. Surely it’s not difficult to add in as the principal is no different to ships and pre-built shelters


Light houses and Forts seem’d off to me… Of what little is out there in general of being used by people, but with all ship crashes, Maybe. XD
I’d love to see under water sunken fort or old 1400’s ship, with rare spawn attached for them.

As for Rocks Placement, you can sorta trick order. So if order is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

And you want big rock at lets say 4. Place different rock at 1, 2 and 3. Lock them in place.
Place Cliff you want, lock it in. Then unlock 1 thru 3 and remove them.
Sadly with 5 limit. you can only mess with it so far.

This also works for some of trees and plants.

But ya, I would love custom islands to have “extra” placements. Not even just locations, but extra build pieces.
Or even Lagoons, which is what I really want. Or river thru middle.

Or a Ps5(next gen in general) Update. Love for them to fix shadows… or adjust Sharks passive only. (leave other critters on mean mode)

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