Stranded Deep does not work well for me

Buenas ayuda compre el juego ya… mi pc es super buena con 16 de Ram, el problema que se me presenta es…en la cinemática del avión esta todo perfecto… cojo la balsa y se pone negra la pantalla entonces aparezco en la balsa pero todo al rededor aparece negr0 como crasheado con varios colores como epiléptico que debo hacer no se si me hace falta algún programa o que por favor ayuda¡¡¡

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Good help, buy the game now … my pc is super good with 16 Ram, the problem that arises is … in the kinematics of the plane everything is perfect … I take the raft and the screen goes black then I appear on the raft but everything around it appears black as crashed with various colors as an epileptic, what should I do? I don’t know if I need a program or what please help!

Hi francisco10 - welcome to the forums!

I’m sorry to hear you’ve experienced issues with Stranded Deep on PC - I work with the console side but shall pass this onto them.

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Hi Francisco10,

Can you provide your PC specs in detail please, including CPU,GPU and OS.
Can you post a screenshot of what you are seeing?
From your description it sounds like a GPU issue, what driver version are you on currently?
I would suggest you completely uninstall your GPU drivers and the game and then reinstall both.

Let us know if this helps at all.

Epic Games store version. Crash to desktop between the begin “press return” screen and menu screen. my hardware is Haswell i5-4430k 16GB ram GTX1050TI. both directx11 and open GL same results. short window appears before crash. Stranded Deep-Unity 2019.4.20f1_6dd1c08eedfa
epic game version 0.90.00
Update. Steam version has same result. i own both but my friend only owns it on epic… both steam and epic crash to desktop in the exact same place.