Stranded deep co-op bugs (Xbox Series)

Major co-op bugs I mean major… This game has been out forever now and it feels like the bugs just keep getting worse and worse. Finally decided to play this game with a friend and it’s already a atrocity. When a player dies they get shot into air miles away and everything in the game deletes… No, I am not joking. Weapons go straight through enemies and multiple other issues are going on on the normal. Unable to backup Saves on Xbox edition so we are pretty much just not going to play the game because we do not want to lose our progress constantly… we would love if we can get some help or things could get fixed because we love the game and the idea of playing it but it is just not possible on console.

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Hi TGxAssassin,

I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing these issues in co-op on Xbox.

As we cannot get a copy of your save, is it possible to get clips of what’s happening in your game? (These can be uploaded to OneDrive or unlisted on YouTube for sharing as our forums cannot host video files).

Can you confirm for me you’re playing the latest version of the game? The number should read 2130 in the bottom left of the main menu.

When a player dies and is launched into the air, does this occur for player 2, player 1 or both? Is there any particular way they die or any item they fall on that may cause this? (My guess is there may be an issue with the ragdoll of the dead character hitting off something). If there does not appear to be a common situation that causes this, please let me know if this happens every time the character dies, only on occasion, or if it’s a rare occurrence in your save.

When you say everything in the game is deleted, does this occur when the character dies and is launched, or is this a separate issue? If separate, can you confirm for me under what conditions you’ve seen this issue occur? For example when saving and reloading the game, leaving and returning to an island… etc. Please also let me know if this is unique to player made items, or if it also affects environmental items and/or unharvested resources.

For weapons going straight through enemies, are there any weapons (or enemies) in particular that this has occurred with? I recall a report on speargun ammo going through an enemy before which the team were looking into.

Any additional information you can share would be greatly appreciated and if you wish to share details of the other issues you’ve experienced I’ll pass them onto the team too.