Stranded Deep "add ons"

I was wondering if the creators were or are willing to work on including “add ons” to Stranded Deep.

Most games have new content or skins or tools or weapons or vehicles etc etc. That are available for purchase via each consoles online store.

This would be a great way to additional content or different islands to Stranded Deep

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Zaten yeterince çok sorun var oyun daha kapanmamış, çok uzun süre güncelleme yapmıyorlar şimdi de işi gücü bırakıp mmo yapsınlar bravo harika fikir biz de oyunu sileriz artık. Aylardır bekliyoruz gele gele multiplayer geldi. Ne içiyorsunuz siz orada multiplayer isteyen raft oynasın. En azından sal a her şeyi yapabiliyorsun kaybolma diye bir seçenek yok.

Translation added by Clare
There are enough problems already, the game is not closed yet, they haven’t updated for a very long time, now they should quit the job and make mmo, bravo great idea, we will delete the game now. We’ve been waiting for months, multiplayer has arrived. What are you drinking, let those who want multiplayer play raft there. At least you can do anything to the raft, there is no option to get lost.
[Please remember to include a 1:1 translation if not posting in english, thanks! -Clare]