Still no Ajuga Plant in Cartographer

Still no Ajuga Plant in Cartographer. I use Cartographer regularly I like building game environments, but the absence of Ajuga Plant is getting tiresome. I have so many islands to update that I don’t want to build more without Ajuga Plant. Seeing there is Ajuga Plant in the game already please update Cartographer with Ajuga Plant.

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This number can be found at the bottom of the cartographer

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Plant it
If it says that it can’t be modified because of it then have a few crates of all plants(besides wavuwavulavulavu’s)

How do you get something to plant if you have no option to add Ajuga Plant in Cartographer. If there are no Ajuga Plant on any island.

Use the hoe with these
1x lashing and 4x sticks
2x corrugated scrap
3x plants

Are you slow there is no Ajuga Plant in Cartographer. you cant plant what you don’t have.

Every other island has an ajuga plant that isn’t a human made island