Still getting booted

Been trying to play multiplayer wit my friend for several months now and cant even get 10 minutes into playing without it booting the second player off honestly tired of it an was playing ark for few weeks if not gonna be fixed soon im juat gonna take game off system and play other games

Hi Warlord13,

I’m sorry to hear you continue to experience disconnects for player 2 during gameplay. While I know the team are continuing to investigate the causes of these disconnects, I understand that for players this issue can be very frustrating and disheartening.

I know you may have answered some of these questions before, but so I have it all in the one place and in case anything has changed, please let me know:

  • Are you both using the same region, have you changed regions or do you usually use “Auto” when playing?

  • Before the disconnects, do you notice any desync between players and what each sees on the screen?

  • Is there any particular common trigger in each disconnect? I know often there may not appear to be one, but if there is one you experience frequently please let me know.

  • Are you both playing on the same type of console? If one is different from the other, please let me know which is which for host and Player 2.

  • Do both players have NAT Type 2 (Moderate) or higher?

  • Is there any difference in disconnects if you switch who is hosting?

Its been several months now waiting on the game to be fixed yet it is still really laggy on multiplayer and constantly booting me off my friends game not to mention the damn tool belt isnt fixed yet pretty soon im just gonna boycot this game and play ark or the forest this game isnt worth trying to play until it is compmetly fixed wich seems its never gonna be fixed

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Hi Warlord13,

I’ve merged your post with your last one which was posted highlighting the same issues, I’m not sure if you saw my original reply, so I’ve moved your post here rather than creating another report on the same issue.

With regards to the toolbelt, are you refering to not being able to recraft the slots or have you had instances where it has reset again within your multiplayer game?

If you cannot recraft it, playes have found that crafting the first slot, saving and reloading and crafting the first slot again will in turn unlock each of the slots of the toolbelt. I understand this is not ideal but I hope this workaround may be of some help if this is indeed the issue you are experiencing.