Steeper islands

Currently the islands are so shallow around the perimeter that they are not very raft-friendly as the water around them is so shallow the raft gets stuck regularly. I tried to build a pier/docks but trying to navigate the raft to this particular location is tricky as they have a very wide steering angle.

For me, the sea current is the most troublesome. I think he’s too strong. Shallow waters have advantages (sharks) and disadvantages (difficult raft handling).

Have you made an anchor yet? It stops the raft being carried off and thus very valuable.

Good joke. But who needs an anchor? (Of course, I `m joking)

Sometimes the raft gets stuck in a sandbank. You move the raft to sail away, but before you get to the helm, the sea current moves it … The bigger the raft, the merrier it is.

This is what I meant when I wrote about too strong a current.