Steam. Multiplayer.server error

Hello. I can’t start playing online. When you click the game on the network, it gives a server error.
Steam game platform. latest game version. . Deleted the game, reinstalled. Steam also uninstalled and reinstalled. Borrowed a steam account from a friend and still doesn’t work . Tried different screen resolutions. gave different game access to the Internet and everything restarted. Yes, I did everything I could, I understand computers. Now I’m thinking of reinstalling Windows, but because of one game I don’t want to do it.
I can play single player. All other online games work without problems. What else needs to be added? let me know and I’ll edit the post. I’m from Ukraine.
help me please. Sincerely, Stepan.
friend has it working.

Are you choosing the same option as your friend?

when I click play online in the main menu (what is under the inscription single player), I immediately get a server error. I can’t click create server or join server. won’t let me go past the main menu

Attempt single player

single game works without problems