A friend of mine and I have been playing a multiplayer game for 10 hours dealing with multiple issues listed in bullet points below:

  1. de-syncing issues
    Several times now when the 2nd players inventory is full and he attempts to craft something, he gets stuck crafting that item. It will not allow him to cancel the craft or drop what he was doing. Only resolution is for the first player to save game and reload.

  2. Several times, either the host or the person joining disappear for the other person. This happens usually after or during someone dying.

  3. Items appear out of place for second player, not the host (Occasioannaly). Items such as a roof will be at the wrong angle, some items will be sticking out of an container.

All of these are resolved with restarting the save, which wouldn’t be a problem if syncing didn’t take 4 minutes everytime.

Both running AMD 5800x, 32gb ram, RTX 3060, Windows 11, no updates required. Both are running the same and current version of the game. One is playing through Steam, one is playing through Epic if that matters at all.

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Today we are getting constant disconnects. Every 10 to 15 minutes the joining player disconnects from the host computer. Both players have Download speeds over 300 and over 30 upload when playing.

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so many disconnects its ridiculous … its a 2 player game why cant the servers be stable enough to hold

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