*[Steam][12221856][Game Play] Issues with Raft = Can't deconstruct and operation is affected

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Since the recent update, I am having problems deconstructing my raft. I added a new barrel base with some barrels I found, with the intention of deconstructing it once I reached my home island, but now I can’t deconstruct it anymore. It keeps saying ‘this item relies on other items attached to it’. I can’t even break down any of the other bases of the original raft.

And the raft operation is now impacted as well. I used to be able to drop anchor and raise sail while controlling the rudder, but now I can’t. I can’t stop where I need to stop or when I want to stop. This is a major issue and has made operating the raft much more unfriendly and the gameplay extremely frustrating.

Prior to update, these issues weren’t present.


Don’t use barrels as raft sections

The update had broke them

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Thanks chris.annadori, looking into it.


I too have the same problem, is there any news on this?
Thank you

Hi Marco, welcome to the forums,

This issue was fixed in an earlier PC update, however I’ve seen reports form PC and Console that the issue may have resurfaced. I’ve informed the team and if they have any questions about your save, I’ll respond again here.

Thank you for taking the time to report you were experiencing this too.

Hi Clare, thanks for replying. The issue still persists. I am playiong SD on Mac OS. Any updates on this?

Would be awesome if they could fix the raft operations. Letting go introduces the possibility of falling off and losing your raft.

Tbh, a rudder only requires one hand, the other left for other controls while still connected to the raft.

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