[STEAM][][CROPS]Ate a day old Quiwiwa fruit, puked

So I found a fresh quiwiawa fruit, planted it, grew it.
A day after it produced a fruit, I ate and and immediately puked as if it was spoiled, and the fruit wasn’t even labeled as spoiled.

It looks like fruit are spoiling on the vine, and not letting us know they’re spoiled when picked.

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Thanks darkthought.
Looking into it.

If it’s spoiled then look closer into what is spoiled and see if there is flies

Flies = spoiled item

All foods (I think) spoil after an in game full day

I’ll wait for the next one to grow.

Confirmed, Quwawa is rotting on the tree.

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It works will Kura as well cus Kura and quwawa are basically the same

I think

I think Kura is more water than food, but the point still applies.

Kura and quwawas both give 2 food and 1 water

The purpose of these are for the all plants and gotta craft em all achievements

Thanks for all the details everyone.
The bug has been replicated and the team are looking into it.

The team are good people for making sure the game is bug free.

Also, I believe this bug goes for the other plants as well