[Steam][][Gameplay] Rain, Music, and Aim bugs

When there is a storm I can hear the rain but I cannot see it. My water still fills and the plants are watered but I do not see the rain, this persists when I change the graphic quality and restart the game.

Music does not change when Shark appears. Several times I have been attacked while peaceful music was still playing, this persists when I restart the game.

It is also nearly impossible to hit a shark while on the Emergency Raft as it is in the water. Throws seem to go MUCH lower than where they are aimed.

Hi GildedDragoon,

Can you confirm a few things to help us look into this:

  • Please provide your specs including OS, CPU, RAM and GPU model. (Please give as much detail as possible)
  • What is the game Seed of your session? (On PC this number can be found at the top right of the Cartographer (the Cartographer is on the main menu).
  • What graphics settings are you using in game, you mentioned changing the quality had no effect, specifically what settings did you change?
  • Were any settings changed from the default? Have you added any custom islands?
  • On the game splash screen, did you choose DirectX or OpenGL mode?, Exclusive Fullscreen or Borderless?