[Steam][0.90.11][Visual]Yucca clipping distance too near?

I planted yucca on a farming plot, and one of the growing stages has this visual bug. I don’t know how the game works but the effect it’s like the clipping distance is set too near: if you get as far as 2 metres from the plant the model will disappear. I checked with external software and the mesh in question is called Yucca_Stage1_LOD0 (the one that shows one day after planting i think).

My graphics settings are laptop preset for starters and then:
resolution: 1280x720
FOV: maximum
Drawing distance: very far
Water: low
Billboarding: high
shadows: low

i tried tweaking draw distance but didn’t seem to work, also this is the only growing stage i saw the plant do this, but you might wanna check that out.

there is a yucca_stage1 planted there, trust me (same yucca seen on screen as both were planted at the same time), but i can only post 1 image loll :((

:sunglasses: see, i’m not lying,there are two plants >:)

Thanks JociNik, we’ll log a bug report about this and investigate.

Yeah, that thing bother me too from time to time. I run Linux. It doesn’t matter which graphic settings, the plants disappear after 2-5m. :man_shrugging: That is still an old bug.


Seems to work now:

But this state not: