[Steam][0.90.11][Inventory]Inventory offset to toolbelt not functioning

After construction of a toolbelt, and holding a numerical key to bind it, the tool is bound to the toolbelt slot, as I can see the tool icon in the toolbelt slot, but the tool remains in my inventory.

it appears to be 17361385

Graphics settings are Ultra, all other settings default.

I’ve crafted both the first and second toolbelt recipe.
I’ve reloaded the save, exited to desktop, even tried a new game.
I’m trying to click and drag to the toolbelt as well, extended number presses, cntl+1, shift+1 (any key combo I can think of) but nothing is working, the items stay in my inventory regardless of them being assigned to the toolbelt.

Thanks Konks,

We’ll investigate this and create a bug report if required.