[STEAM][0.90.11] False message about raft having drifted away

This happens randomly right after loading a saved game where I have my raft parked on the beach. I’d guess the raft drifting check is happening prematurely, perhaps when the position of the raft or player isn’t yet loaded.

I saw the same. But only in COOP mode. SINGLE mode has not such a problem.

I was playing in solo mode. I always do.

Here’s a screenshot. Not a major bug, just reporting it.

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Thanks Unster, looking into it.

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I also constantly get this message, as well as getting a message that my Gyro copter has floated away even though it has been safely landed on the landing pad. Recently i completely lost my gyrocopter although i fail to see how it could possibly float out to see when it was landed on landing pad built specially for the purpose.

The raft drifting away message, i get almost every time i start the game and the missing raft is never actually the case. It is not a major problem but it can be off putting and worry players if they are not familiar with this bug in the game. It has been present in the game for a long time now.

Hope this helps a bit,

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McDave McFurry (PC user)