[STEAM][0.90.11] Coconuts don't ever regenerate

It’s possible that this may be by design, but it seems like a bug because every other small natural item respawns, including crabs, palm saplings, etc. So for consistency it seems to me that coconuts should seasonally respawn as well. It would only be realistic. Plus it would add gameplay value to palm trees, other than just looking pretty or being harvest-able for wood and leaves.

Edit: Playing on hard mode and I’m on day 43 as I recall. Coconuts have not respawned thus far, so I assume they never do.

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hm… coconuts need a whole year to grow… why do you expect a month? I never saw it, but it could be possible that you need to play 365 days :smile:

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Coconuts do not respawn ever, they are a limited resource.

After a few days (in game) you should have a water still and meat smoker built making coconuts unecessary outside of emergency situations.

It’s not that coconuts are necessary for survival after you have a water still. They’re not, though they can still be useful for a quick drink/snack or coconut flasks. I was thinking more of consistency in the game and how other stuff respawns but not coconuts.

If the game had a more advanced survival mechanism, eating coconuts once in a while could even be required to get your potassium and other minerals up.

Of course, you can take it to the extreme with survival mechanics, but you mustn’t forget one thing: It’s a game. A game that is made for the masses and should only offer basic mechanics that are quick and easy to understand. That, to me, is one of the key features for Stranded Deep.

The fact that coconuts don’t grow back now isn’t really a downfall and doesn’t bother. The goal of the game is actually to escape and not stay there forever. It quickly becomes quite monotonous and boring if you stay on an island as a hermit.

Ha, about that. I’ve tried the silly end game, fighting the boss animals which somehow will teach me how to craft the needed airplane parts to escape. No thanks. I just play the game now exactly as a permanent castaway, resigned to the fact that I might as well make the best of living on these islands. :slight_smile:

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And the best you can do is live off of coconuts?

Where did I say I lived off coconuts?

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But that would really be a challenge to keep alive only by coconuts… Is there already an Achievement on Steam?

Not that I know. Yes coconuts are already limited in how many you can consume at once. They come in handy and not just for food & drink. I think there should be a period after which they respawn. Maybe half as often as yucca leaves. And if they also degraded over time and disappear if left unused for too long, that would be perfect so islands are not littered with coconuts.

A little fun fact: I played 45 days ingame and had over 150 coconuts (3 piles), 20 filled water bottles of clay + 4 on the raft and 5 water distillers. Just by visiting 4 or 5 islands.

Seriously… I have no idea what I need so much for. I’m already playing on hard so I don’t start collecting so much stuff again and using up more.

However, I can say that there are more than enough coconuts. More than you would ever need, just spread all over the world.

Personally, I’d be okay with coconuts growing back once a year if you planted them, but then that would also mean you’d have to play that long, which is usually not the case.

I think coconuts as a food source should only be available to start with, to bridge the time until you have a smoker and a water destiller. Then you might need them as water holders until you have clay jugs or leather bottles. In the end, they are then only good for medicine.
If the coconuts grow back now, say after 30 days, then you would already suffocate with coconuts in a few months, because the normal player collects and hoards everything :slight_smile:

To have coconuts take once a year to grow back is a lot of play time.

24mins for 1 in game day

24x365/60 = 146hrs

Even if you slept at 6pm every single night that’s still about 73ish +/- hrs of game play just to have them grow back let alone all the watering you’d have to do if you wanted a good size crop.

Maybe if you didn’t chop the trees down and just picked the coconuts they could grow back every 7 days or so?

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Regarding being littered with stuff, I find that more unrealistic with all the engine parts and ship wrecks. That world looks like a tsunami rolled over the place several times.

Coconuts respawning over time wouldn’t be an issue if they also degraded over time like I said. It would be natural. Along the same note, I think it should also be possible to have a palm sapling grow into a full tree if left alone. I remember being disappointed when I found out it wasn’t possible.

Yes, to make it a little more realistic, here are a few examples:

  1. palm seedlings should be able to grow into whole palm.
  2. coconuts should be able to regrow and decay.
  3. palm crowns should be removable when you climb up.
  4. palm trees should not shoot out of the ground like rockets when you fell them.
  5. plant fibers and palm leaves should also become foliage that you can only burn.
  6. stacked wood should become rotten after the rain when stored outside, which is then only suitable for burning, and also difficult to ignite.

Regarding #5, you can indeed burn the big and little palm leaves in place of wood sticks, unless you meant something else.

#6 would be nice. It’s currently simulated in Escape The Pacific (wet wood not burning well), in case you’re not familiar with that other game.

All of the points you made should be a thing in this game, but I don’t expect the game to develop much further. Would be nice though. And if the devs ever fixed those under-water stripes, that would be awesome! But that’s another topic:

Yes you can, but I mean that foliage cannot be used for water or building cords. So there is a time space, where you can build it.

Yeah I tried that game and gave up after 1h. It is still earlyearlyearly alpha with lots of functions. My impression there was that they concentrate too heavy on the mechanics than on the view and usability, otherwise stranded deep does it the other way around.

I read it and agree, but the the draw distances are more a major problem than this, when it comes to immersion. However, if there is a fix for this, then the Devs would fix it, but I guess it means also to rework all artwork, what could be really time intensive. And then fix all bugs on all platforms (Windows,Mac,Linux,Playstation,Xbox) again… :smile:

Draw distance wouldn’t require reworking all the artwork. It would just require adjusting the LOD (at what distance the low-detail versions of objects are rendered). This game was released in 2015 when GPU’s weren’t as good as today. So perhaps it’s time to make the highest draw distance setting draw farther.

Sorry but i disagree, the game is very enjoyable to many people and escaping as fast as possible should not be the necessary requirements of the game. I have played the game a long time and actually enjoy playing it and surviving, not necessarily to escape.

If you escape it is game over right? Why would you want that?

I agree with the posting that coconuts should regrow and it is probably an oversight that has been missed.

Just my opinion :slight_smile: