[steam][0.90.00][COOP] Unlimited Drinkable Coconuts

I don’t think this is so much a bug as it is a gameplay exploit, but I do think it needs to be fixed. When you make a pile of drinkable coconuts, you can remove one or more coconuts, drink them, put them back in the pile, and they refill again. It makes thirst a non-issue as all you need is a few coconuts to make a pile and you have unlimited water.

Also, I’m sure they are refilling, because I have repeatedly found and used four coconuts in a pile to survive for days on end, never needing to find fresh ones. This seems like a huge oversight, and I can’t find anything about it online.


Just take a few coconuts, create a pile, take one or more out and drink them, put them back in–they refill.

-Have you tried reloading your save, game or PC? It works in any save.
-Have tried reinstalling the game? No.
-Is there anything else you tried to alleviate the issue? Please let us know whether it was successful or not. I don’t believe it is a bug.
-Please feel free to provide any other information you feel may be relevant to this issue.
-Images / Links - If you have any images or clips of the issue happening, please include them.


Fascinating exploit IIFlippy, we’re looking into it.

Bug is still there after the latest update, I found it in the online multiplter mode with my friend. Although it saved us from dying of thirst, it still needs to be fixed.

I found this thread because someone said you can pile drinkable coconuts. I cannot in 79.0 Experimental or 80.01 Stable. Is this only available in online co-op? When was coconuts added?

that article doesn’t mention coconut piles.
Thanks for any help. I don’t understand why I can’t.

As of 1.0.13, The coconut exploit still works as well as infinite antidotes.

Coconuts have been around forever, but item piles has not :wink: