Starting Island

Introduce yourself here!

As our community grows, to avoid the flood of introduction posts, please use this topic to introduce yourself if you wish to :desert_island:

Please avoid any personal identifiable information in the post (and on the forums in general). If you’re a content creator, feel free to share your link but remember you can create a promo post over in Images and Videos > Content Creators.


Hello my name is Ben and I like to :kick_scooter:


I should probably introduce myself here too! :grin:


I’m Clare, I’m the Community Manager (and Moderator) for the console forums. My main role is to act as a liaison between the community and the team working on the console version of the game. You’ll probably find me posting in the Bug Reports section most of the time as I’ll be helping with issues but also gathering information to pass onto the team to help them investigate and fix issues reported by the community.

But I also look forward to getting to know members of the community and hear stories of your adventures and battles with some of the more dangerous creatures in the deep :squid:


Hi, I chat about sd on an unofficial discord server. Love the game and always happy to learn more and help others enjoy their experience with it.
I play on ps4. I’m excited about this forum. Looking forward to seeing more content in future updates.


Hi Ren, glad to have you here.

I suppose I should introduce myself too!

I’m Oisín, another moderator on the forum. I’m here to make sure everyone has the best experience possible, I’m sure I’ll be getting to know you all in the coming days and weeks.


Hi Ren! Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

Hello hello, I’m Nicholas! I collect records and games and I’m part of the RPGFan Social Media team!


Welcome to the forum Nicholas :slight_smile:

Hey there! I’m Trendkill555, Im usually gaming or playing music (bass and drums) with a coffee in hand.
Just started playing a week ago and I’m having a blast. Didn’t expect much starting out from a “tiny” game and was very pleasantly surprised.
Glad to be here.

Hi Trendkill555 - Welcome! Great to hear you gave the game a go and are having fun :smiley:

Hey Trendkill, welcome! :smiley:

Hi, started playing about 2 weeks ago. Love the game so far. Created an account to try and get help with fixing the motorboat on the PS4 version.

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Oops, never introduced myself! I’m Charlie and have been playing on PS4 since the April release. I knew I loved this game when I was bumped out of my lifeboat and tried to “run on water“, aka my living room carpet, to get away from the tiger shark…love the immersion!


It’s great to hear that ye find the game enjoyable whether you’re a new player or if you’ve been playing since launch :slight_smile:

I know that immersion feeling - I’ve tried to reverse away from sharks in the past only to scooch my chair back when I end up halfway across the room from where I started playing :rofl:

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Hello everyone, I am a member of the stranded deep Chinese language translator team

Hello and welcome!

I need to clarify for those on the forums that you work on the community translation for the Steam Workshop version and are not a Beam Team staff member.

Hey everyone, Desmond here. Recently discovered how much I enjoy survival games so of course this was a has to have I’ve survived 25 days so far and I’m having a great time. First clip I made was me turning into a very religious man the first time the shark flipped my life boat :sweat_smile: :joy:

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Hiya, my name’s Mark. I’ve been playing SD for bout 3 weeks to a month on ps4. Really enjoying the game, hoping to see more soon :slight_smile: (I know how many times y’all hear that lol had to say it). Thank you devs, we know y’all working hard to get things fixed and out to us


Hi there. Call me Lore, everyone does. Most the time I’m either spending time with my 2yo son or gaming/posting videos on my YT channel. Haven’t started videos on SD yet but looking forward to it once everything is ironed out.