Split Screen structure draw distance

Hello Beam Team, I will start by saying I have been playing Stranded Deep since it first hit Steam. I love the game and have over 1000 hours logged in steam play time. I was excited when you released the split screen option because my wife was able to join me playing the game instead of just watching and rooting for me! We love it! Yes there are still issues but we accept them due to early access and we play the highly experimental version too so we can experience all the awesome new feature as they are developed. So as the title suggests we are noting that the draw distance for structures we build doesn’t change when changing the setting to very far. The distance is about quarter of the distance that I get in single player with the exact same graphics settings. I am hoping that there is something I can do in settings or maybe even a game tweak where I can improve this. I have noted that for example if I build a brick roof frame it is visible for the same distance as single player, but as soon as I finish building the piece it will completely disappear. (screenshot from steam showing a pyramid frame that has a few roof pieces completed and vanished. Steam Community :: Screenshot :: demonstrating missing structure I can provide other shots to show this or even a video if it will help. This effect happens to some objects but not all. Such as a tower we built that had a a pile of sticks in it that was visible still while the rest of the tower disappeared. So I ask you if there is something I can do to adjust it or is it some setting I can change. Is this something you are working on and are aware of it? We have built some large buildings and it is difficult to take screen shots where everything is drawn. Also when approaching our Island we cannot see our home until virtually on top of it. I am only asking to have the same draw distance that already exists in the single player game.
Thank you so much for taking time to read this and any response/suggestions you may be able to provide. Stay safe in this time of Covid and Stay Alive!