Speargun shoots itself, totally useless

I actually noticed this on 2111, Xbox1, CoOp. (now on 2116 and still having issue)
First thought it was due to my using a shipwreck as cover and didn’t have time to thoroughly play around with it.

I’ve now tested this while swimming out in the vast open sea, so it’s not because of any surrounding obsticles. When under water it always misfires and the arrow sticks into the side of the speargun.

And to re-collect them, i have to make jerky right spin movements while rapidly hitting the button to pick-up.

It doesn’t seem to happen, at least not as much if I shoot while crouching (which removes the entire speargun from view, only works on land)

Also, I changed my view to 3rd Person and it seems to not happen.

So just 1st Person view while standing or swimming…???

I tried turning off Crosshair & Item Highlighting, still happens. Didn’t see anything else that seemed remotely likely to help in options.

Note: I reviewed my past posts and found we defeated the boss back on 2107, so I can say I was not having this problem on 2107 and older.

Hi Picaro,

Thank you for reporting this and for confirming you’ve seen it in the most recent versions.

Thank you also for detailing under what circumstances your speargun appears to be affected by this issue, this will be very helpful to the team when trying to replicate the issue internally and find out what is causing this to occur.

If you notice any other conditions under which it behaves oddly, please let me know (though I think you may have covered them all already) and if the team has any followup questions, I’ll post them here :+1:

Hi Picaro, follow up question from the team…

Can you confirm if this is occuring in a Multiplayer or Single Player save for you and if you are host or client when it happens?


Multiplayer save, though my buddy has been too busy to join me lately so i’ve been alone.
I’m the host.

I’ve never played in Single Player mode, so can’t say if it happens there.

Am I the only one this happens to?

Hi Picaro,

Thank you for confiming that info. I’ve passed it onto the team so they can investigate further and try replicate the issue internally.

I can’t confirm if you’ve the only one this happens to as there could be more players experiencing the issue but it’s not reported here. It also depend on gameplay style and how many players use spearguns. So far you’re the only report I’ve logged for this issue in this version of the game.

There was a similar issue to this where arrows would stick to the side of spear guns reported in an earlier version, but from your description of when the issue is occuring I believe this could be a different issue with similar effects.

2121 does appear to have improved this. I’m back in the waters as a predator again instead of just prey… But while taking out a goblin shark, it seems some of my shots have simply vanished… I swear I had the broadside of that shark dead in my sights on a couple shots, but the arrow didn’t appear stuck in it’s side and the shark remained on it’s course calmly instead of doing the normal jerky move and speed off upon getting hit… This only happened a couple times though, and i did finally kill the shark after way too many shots (some legit misses)… I’ve gotten rusty over many months of no hunting, lol…

Hi Picaro,

Thank you for following up on this. I’ll pass this onto the team so they can look into shots fired by the spear gun.

In the meantime, good hunting! and if you notice this occuring more with the spear gun, or even other weapons, please let me know and I’ll keep the team informed.