Some suggestions

  1. Would be great if we could use Barrels for spear/stick storage.

  2. In the absence to sticks to refuel the fire it should be possible to use crude spears or planks of wood.

  3. Use SPOILED MEAT to create burley (chum) to attract a shark.

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  1. modify the SPF metre to a temperature (thermometer symbol) that’s starts in the middle. If it goes too far to the left you’re hypothermic and need to warm up, too far to the right and you become Hyperthermic and need to cool down.
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  1. It would be very useful if we could build a Water Still and a Meat Smoker on out rafts.
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Also make this small trees that gives us 2 sticks or something respawn after 4 days , because the stick’s are really limited


That would be very useful but there are some things you can do.

Use Fibrous Leaves to fuel your fires it just takes more of them but they respawn.

The individual sticks you find lying around will respawn after some time.

It would also be nice if you could use your other wood items for other things.

Crude Spears should he able to be used to fuel fires or turned into kindling etc.